Grenache | Columbia Gorge AVA, Oregon

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These grapes are grown on the warmer end of the Columbia Gorge AVA. Aromatic with pepper and spice notes. Beautiful color extraction, considered dark for this lighter grape.

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18 Harvest - Garnier Vineyard Grenache | Columbia Gorge



Frozen Black Grapes  Are sold as destemmed grapes. Yields are estimates and vary depending on the vintage, varietal and the winemaker’s pressing and racking style.

  • Pails contain 5 gallons of grapes, yielding approximately 2.5 – 3.5 gallons of finished wine.
  • Drums contain 425 pounds of grapes, yielding approximately 30 gallons of finished wine.
  • Delivery –
    • Grapes can be shipped via FedEx or commercial carrier or picked up at the freezer.
      • FedEx is not available out of Portland, Oregon
    • If shipping, select the closest location to your destination to reduce shipping cost.

Fresh Black Grapes are sold by the pound as whole bunches with stems at harvest. Fresh Grapes cannot be shipped.

  • The minimum order for fresh grapes is 100 pounds. Special pricing is available for bulk orders over 2,000 pounds.
  • Fresh grapes are sold net, without containers and must be picked up at the processing site at harvest.
    • California grapes are processed in Petaluma, CA.
    • Oregon and Washington grapes are processed in Underwood WA, (1 hr. east of Portland, OR).
  • Destemming – Please request when you place your order. The destemming cost is 10 cents per pound. Stem weight is calculated at 6%. For example, 100 pounds of fresh grapes will yield 94 pounds of destemmed grapes.

2018 Harvest Pre-order

Pre-order is required on all fresh grape sales.

Pre-ordered frozen pails and drums are sold FOB at the following freezer locations. We can transfer them to another location for an additional fee:

  • NW – Portland, Oregon
  • CA – Richmond, CA

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Winemaking Thoughts

Typically picked at high brix which requires blending with a lower brix selection or the addition of acidulated water in order to keep the alcohol level below 15% ABV. Blends beautifully with Syrah.

Try The Wine

Stay tuned for the 2016 Grenache/Syrah blend coming from White Salmon Vineyard in fall of 2018.


Mosier Syrah Field

We offer Syrah, Grenache, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc from this stunning vineyard, located in the Eastern Columbia Gorge AVA. The vineyard is primarily composed of sandy soil mixed with clay. It’s close proximity to the river protects the vines from frost. The low elevation provides sufficient warmth to ripen their selected varietals.

The Mosier Syrah is grown in a relatively cool area. This particular Syrah field is in a basalt hole sheltered from the strong prevailing winds. The basalt container walls reflect the heat onto the vines and the loess soil they are rooted in. This is a special place that gives life to special grapes.

Grenache Block

Sauvignon Blanc Block