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Grüner Veltliner is an aromatic and spicy white grape that originated in Eastern Europe. Over 75% of all Gruner is planted in Austria. The wine is typically dry with fresh acidity.
We have sourced Gruner from the Columbia Gorge in years past and have brought it back to our repertoire for 2018 thanks to repeated requests from our home winemakers.


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19 Harvest - Grüner Veltliner


Grüner Veltliner , Columbia Gorge Product Variation, PDX


Grüner Veltliner , Columbia Gorge Product Variation, IL



Frozen White Grapes – Sold as pressed and settled juice. Yields are estimates and vary depending on the winemaker’s racking style. All juice listed under current inventory is frozen.

  • Pails contain 5.25 gallons/19.9 liters of juice and will yield approximately 4.5 – 5 gallons of finished wine.
  • Drums contain 46 gallons/174 liters of juice and will yield approximately 42 – 45 gallons of finished wine.
  • IBC Totes contains 240 gallons / 908 liters of juice and yield approximately 228 gallons of finished wine.
  • Delivery:
    • Pails can be shipped via FedEx, LTL or picked up at the freezer. We cannot FedEx drums.
    • FedEx Shipping – Orders from CA and OR ship at the same rate. If shipping to the Midwest or East Coast, select pails from PA for the best rate.

2019 Harvest Pre-order will launch in July. Pre-order is required on all fresh grape sales and recommended for frozen grapes to guarantee availability. For orders of a ton or more, please contact us directly. Sign up for our email list to stay updated on the harvest

Fresh White Grapes are sold as chilled, pressed settled juice at harvest. Pre-order is required, fresh grapes cannot be shipped.

  • The minimum order is 5 US gallons/18.9 Liters. Special pricing is available for bulk orders of 275 gallons or more.
  • Please note, fresh grape juice is sold net, without containers and must be picked up at the processing site at harvest. California grapes/juice are processed in Petaluma, CA. Oregon and Washington grapes are processed in Underwood WA (1 hr. East of Portland, OR).


Soluna Vineyard is located on the western edge of the Columbia Gorge AVA on Underwood Mountain. This extinct volcano is a prime microclimate for white grapes and cool climate reds. Soluna is at 1500’ elevation with primarily volcanic loam soil. With 36 inches of annual rainfall, vines are typically dry farmed after they are established at three years.