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Chardonnay expresses itself differently where grown. Carneros offers some of the finest classic California Chardonnays. Rich and full-flavored with balanced acidity, the Santo Giordano and Tolay Springs Chardonnay are a wonderful representation.

The 2017 vintage was sourced from Santo Giordano Vineyards. The 2018 vintage is sourced from Tolay Springs Vineyard. These cool climate Chardonnays continues a Brehm tradition of over 30 years of Chardonnay in the Carneros AVA.


Product Quantity

Santo Giordano Chardonnay Product Variation, CA


Chardonnay, Santo Giordano Product Variation, IL


18 Harvest - Chardonnay, Carneros



Frozen White Grapes – Sold as pressed and settled juice. Yields are estimates and vary depending on the winemaker’s racking style.

  • Pails contain 5.25 gallons/19.9 liters of juice and will yield approximately 4.5 – 5 gallons of finished wine.
  • Drums contain 46 gallons/174 liters of juice and will yield approximately 42 – 45 gallons of finished wine.
  • IBC Totes contains 240 gallons / 908 liters of juice and yield approximately 228 gallons of finished wine.
  • Delivery –
    • Grapes can be shipped via FedEx or commercial carrier or picked up at the freezer.
      • FedEx is not available out of Portland, Oregon.
    • If shipping, select the closest location to your destination to reduce shipping cost.

Fresh White Grapes are sold as chilled, pressed settled juice at harvest. Pre-order is required, fresh grapes cannot be shipped.

  • The minimum order is 5 US gallons/18.9 Liters. Special pricing is available for bulk orders of 275 gallons or more.
  • Please note, fresh grape juice is sold net, without containers and must be picked up at the processing site at harvest. California grapes/juice are processed in Petaluma, CA. Oregon and Washington grapes are processed in Underwood WA (1 hr. East of Portland, OR).

2018 Harvest Pre-order

Pre-order is required on all fresh grape sales.

Pre-ordered frozen pails and drums are sold FOB at the following freezer locations. We can transfer them to another location for an additional fee:

  • NW – Portland, Oregon
  • CA – Richmond, CA

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Winemaking Thoughts

2017 was a warm vintage for the Carneros. Be sure to add tartaric acid prior to fermentation for smooth integration. Recipe quantities listed are per pail of grapes.

  • Juice Panel: Brix 23.6, 3.8 pH, TA 6.1 g/l, Malic Acid 4.7 g/l, YAN,  40 ppm S02 was added at pressing.
  • This wine expresses itself well with or without malolactic fermentation. Both versions require bentonite fining just prior to bottling.
    • Version A: Use DV10 yeast.  Add 19 gr. of Tartaric acid, ferment cool and complete malolactic fermentation. Adjust acid further as needed after ML.
    • Version B: Use DV10 yeast.  Add 19 gr. of Tartaric acid, ferment cool. Adjust acid further as needed after fermentation. Add lysozyme to prevent malolactic fermentation.

Tolay Springs Vineyard

Tolay Springs Chardonnay and the San Pablo Bay in Carneros

Santo Giordano Vineyard

The vines are cooled by morning fog and the influx of afternoon marine air. Located in the Carneros AVA next to San Pablo Bay, across Arnold Drive from the Gloria Ferrer Vineyard.

Sangiovese Field

Carneros Sangiovese undergoing veraison